About Happy Pakistan

♥ Happy Pakistan Club is a virtual organization that is run by Syed Irfan Ahmed since January 2012. ♥

We are an unhappy nation. This is a bitter reality and these facts prove it:

  • 7000 – 8000 Pakistanis are dying through suicide every year (UN).
  • The intake of psychiatric drugs has increased four to five times in last 4 years (World Bank).
  • 4 out of 5 citizens, according to Pakistani doctors` study, are mentally and psychologically ill.

People ask, why this situation is? But the more important question is, what the solution for this severe condition be, and how to get out of unhappiness.

The unhappiness (depression, tension, anxiety, stress etc.) has captured the nations as a global epidemic. High-tech chemical medication has failed to protect human being from this. Now, experts emphasize to use Mind Therapy as a tool to overcome and control unhappiness. Mind therapy is the most effective way to control unhappiness epidemic.

Happy Pakistan Club by Kamyaby Digest, Karachi (since 2005) is another step towards creating happier and wealthier society through literature, training and life coaching. Kamyaby has also designed an effective and easy to follow happy life process, named, “The MiND~kar”, which has been successfully taught since the start of HPC in 2012.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Creating public awareness about a happier, wealthier life.
  • Teaching Pakistanis – from grass root level – how to control their unhappiness and become happier.
  • Making a nationwide team of social workers who could coach people to make their life stress free and happier, wealthier.


  • Providing hand on support to people who are willing to die (suicide) and give them the light of life with special and expert`s skills.

Quick facts about HPC:

  • HPC started: Januray 2012.
  • Founder: Syed Irfan Ahmed
  • Based: Practically virtual, and officially in Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Website: www.happypakistan.club
For immediate contact, call us via cell phone numbers:

Ph: (0092) 311-242-77-66 & (0092) 335-242-77-66 {Karachi, Pakistan}

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